ASWIFTT Author Site Has A New Look!

ASWIFTT Author Site logoASWIFTT Author Site has a new home and look for its authors.  The ASWIFTT Author Site is a part of the ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Membership where members can start advertising their Literary, Visual and Performing Arts works on the ASWIFTT AUTHOR SITE located at

This website is a shared community among ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild members and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Authors.  It allows interaction between authors, artists, playwrights etc.  You can also interact with the founders of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild.

All members of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and Authors of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC will be responsible for the content, pictures, videos, and items they post on ASWIFTT Author Site.  All posts must be above reproach, adhere to the ASWIFTT Author Site Code of Online Conduct, and must not be offensive.  ASWIFTT Author Site administrators will monitor all activities on the ASWIFTT Author Site.

The ASWIFTT Author Site is the official website where ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild members and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Authors posts updates, book reviews, events, pictures, videos, etc. they want to share with the ASWIFTT Family and public.

For more information about ASWIFTT Author Site or any technical issues and problems you can contact the website administrator at:


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