ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Welcomes New Member, Etienne Gibbs

Etienne Gibbs picASWIFTT Writer’s Guild wants to welcome its newest member Etienne Gibbs from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  Mr. Gibbs is a published author who has written It’s My Turn to Be the Hero: The Escapades of Three Tropical Baby-Boomers”, “The Great Communicators” and “The Magnificent Motivators.”  He is also the host of his own radio show titled “In The Author’s Corner With Etienne.”  The show seeks to help authors while showcasing their publications and talents.

Etienne has also partnered with Brenda Johnson Padgitt of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC and together they host “ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment” on the 2nd and 3rdSaturday of each month.

Mr. Gibbs is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a former Air Force Captain as a Clinical Social Worker.  Etienne is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of The Virgin Islands.  He is a valued asset.  In the near future Etienne will also head a new ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild branch office in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild founders, Eunice Bridges, Glenda Fields and Brenda Johnson PadgittAWG LOGO Pen look forward to this joint venture with Mr. Gibbs.  Together, they want to mentor, support & help develop U.S. Virgin Islands guild members in their chosen craft.  ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild plays a key role in helping guild members to discover & use their God given talents to impact the world.

Details are being worked out for the ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild U.S. Virgin Islands’ Branch.  For those who are interested in becoming an ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild member in the Virgin Islands you can contact our main office or call us direct at: 1-866-302-0508.  You can also contact the ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild U.S. Virgin Island’s Director, Etienne Gibbs at: or call 340-998-0962

Again, ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild welcomes ASWIFTT Author & Director, Etienne Gibbs!


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